We are a 20 year old consulting firm that designs and implements strategies and structuring programs for companies, governments and social organizations aiming at sustainable development of territories.

What we do

We design, support and implement sustainable structuring and transformative projects

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Management of social impacts and legacy

Support to public management for the implementation of smart cities

How we do

Consulting and advisory

Facilitation of dialogue, conciliation and encouragement of collaboration

Knowledge management

What we deliver


Social and human



Strategic conceptualization and organization of companies, governments and third sector, including model of governance and operation

Positive changes and significant in quality of life and well being of people

Improvement of living conditions, of conservation and environmental preservation, in relationships and social dynamics of the territories worked

Stimulating economic development through the creation of new business opportunities, services and products, by strengthening partnerships, and positive relationship with stakeholders