The story

Consultoria em sustentabilidade

The Beginning: Environmental Education

Garkalns Consulting was born in 1997 in Piracicaba, SP.Since the first projects, it has always been present in its DNA determination to search for innovative and applicable solutions, associated with environmental conservation and social and economic development. At the time, the main focus of action were Environmental Education projects, and guided by a question: How to develop economic activities that also enable the development of the region where they are inserted?.

Consultoria em turismo

2nd Moment: Rural tourism and ecotourism

The perception of the importance of a differentiated approach to the rural environment, seeking new income possibilities for small and medium-sized rural owners involving local communities led Garkalns Consultoria to develop new skills and conduct a large number of projects related to rural tourism, ecotourism And social organization (associativism and cooperativism) throughout Brazil, together with the private sector, the "S" System, municipal and state governments and, in particular, the Ministry of Tourism. Also at this stage, GC began its participation in major planning projects, with emphasis on the Ecotourism State Plans for the Amazon States (PROECOTUR), the Cooperative Rural Tourism in Brazil, and the Plans for the development of tourism in the Northeastern States (PRODETUR).

Consultoria em sustentabilidade

3rd Moment: World Tourism Forum for Peace and Sustainable Development, and Brazil Movement of Tourism and Culture

Between 2004 and 2008 the direct involvement with the leadership of large national and international projects gained special attention and highlight in the GC portfolio, which allowed to significantly increase the experience in the management and implementation of projects of local development, planning and operation Major international events, networking and knowledge networking, management of non-governmental organizations, mobilization of resources, and multi-sectoral international coordination. The most outstanding projects were the Brazil Movement for Tourism and Culture and the World Tourism Forum for Peace and Sustainable Development.

Consultoria em turismo

4th Moment: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and socioeconomic development

Starting in 2008, a number of important projects in Brazil and in other countries, together with large private organizations such as Vale and Odebrecht and with important national partners, have led GC to build a solid experience in the themes of CSR, sustainability plans, Public management to dozens of Brazilian municipalities and business reputation with different sectors of the economy in Brazil, Angola Spain and Indonesia.

Consultoria em sustentabilidade

5rd Moment

Beginning of projects with its own methodology and systematized with municipalities, to the United Nations and designing a structuring project for the socioeconomic development of Angola together with the African Union and UNICEF, and moving to the office at USP and beginning of the commercial partnership in Singapore.

Consultoria em turismo

6th Moment

Organizational culture maturation with the formation of a fixed and experienced technical team, opening of the support offices in Salvador and Curitiba, moving to the office in Pinheiros, SP and evolution of the GKS Inteligência Territorial ​​brand, which synthesizes the first 20 Years and that opens the door to new challenges in this new phase. Focus on the design and implementation of structuring solutions for companies and governments aiming at the sustainable development of territories, especially in matters related to addressing social constraints, corporate social responsibility, and support to public management for the viability of smart cities.

Consultoria em turismo

7th Moment